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Bridge is more then just a card game.  It's a cerebral sport.

Bridge teaches logic,reasoning, quick thinking, patience, concentration, and partnership skills.

The most important thing at Bridge is to enjoy it, win or lose.

I would like to thank my supporters, the EBU and the international bridge community. 

Despite the challenges of the past year everyone in the Bridge community has come together with innovation to ensure that we can continue to play this wonderful game.

WELCOME to Face-to-Face Bridge Gentle Duplicate

WELCOME to Face-to-Face Bridge at the Polish Club, Amersham

We aim to play 20 boards in the main hall at the Polish Club in Raans Road in Amersham, HP6 6LX, on Wednesday afternoons, starting 1.15pm, and finishing not later than 4.30pm.

There will be 2 sections ours is the Gentle Duplicate Section.

Our section will be slightly slower and there is the opportunity to request advice when really needed. The other section plays slightly faster, with 25 boards.

Two hosts are always available, so you are welcome on your own no need for a partner. 

Please try to arrive not later than 13.00 The hall is roomy with high ceiling and lots of windows. We are not having a tea break, but tea, coffee, and biscuits always available.

The table money is £5. No membership fees.

The club is aimed at bridge players wishing to improve their bridge, in particular Card Play. The hands are computer generated, selected, and slightly prepared, avoiding uninteresting boards. We use Bridgemates, results are available immediately after the last score is entered. We email PDF’s of Hand Records showing suggested bidding, leads and play.


1. There are approximately 30 parking bays at the Polish Club, and, in addition, you are allowed to park outside the bays, unless you block another car.

2. In Raans Road on the left-hand side, less than 25 yards before the Polish Club, you can park, from 1pm, where there are single yellow line markings.  There are spaces for at least 8 cars.

3. As a last option, we can park a few cars in the quite big car park at King's Church with entrance from Raans Road. Please use this option only if the other car parks are full.

For more information, please email [email protected]

Or Richard Fenton [email protected]


Rennie Grove Hospice Care

Rennie Grove Hospice Care is the charity that we support.

Organising Realbridge events to raise funds and awareness.

 Our next event is in November at 7.00pm

No Fear Bridge

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